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Regulations of the Forum

All publications which will not follow rules of the Forum may be deleted. We publish this few prompts and we kindly request to fallow them.

  • On this Forum we do not use swear-words. (Excepions only in the reasonable cases). We comment topics, not the person.
  • We always introduce with real name and surname and we write our valid E-mail.
  • We refer only the part of the topics which we comment, not whole text.
  • We never refer private mail.
  • We try to add our posts regarding to their topics. If we only want to ask our friends about sth not connected to the topic we mark as "Off topic".
  • Post that are not related to the topic may be transfered to the related topic by Moderator without warning.
  • Great letters, which in netrules mean skream, we use only in situations when we want to scream!
  • If it is possible we try to give our posts their own names, it will help with reading the Forum. This is not a rule, it is only a suggestion.
  • We try not to add comments as "You are right".
  • It is good to remember that there is a possibility to change or delete the post unless the first comment has shown.
  • People related to the fishing as a professional are obligated to mention this fact in their posts
  • Commerce activity (Excluding commerce forum) is forbidden. This rule involves corporations.

Not following this few rules may cause deleting of the post from Forum without worning or even complete banning of the user.


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