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I leve near the bobr and i think that it is worth fishing,
You cant fish between pilchowickie dam and wlen after Aug 31 but there are lots of good spots between wlen and Lwowek slaski.
Near the town of sobota wher ethe bridge crosses the river is a good place to park and walk up and down,
i have better luck with the bigger fish with nymphs and streamers.
you cant keep any trout after aug 31 also.
the fish are strong and put up a good fight.

Its true that Polish rivers need some help if they are going to survive. But this river is pretty clean and the nature is great
call me or email me if you want someone to hit the river with.
i also have a pensionat 30 km from the river
also It is easy to get the permit in Luban.
good luck
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Hello Everybody,

I’m a German fisherman just planning the first ever fishing trip to Poland.
At the end of September I intend to fish the Bobr. Possibly near the city of Wlen.
I already found out that there are permits available in town. But unfortunately
I don‘ t know if that part of the river is really suitable for flyfishing.
What is the river like? What kind of fish can I expect? Is there a closed season?
Well, all in all I would be grateful for any kind of information.



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