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Mario Przybysz

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Mario Przybysz

Let me see if i can copy and paste from an other site. To lazy tto write in Polish today.
Well well rested and very happy that in general the trip was a success. I arrived there Friday about 8PM with the boat full of water from torrential rain that caught us on 400 just before cut off to 11. After launching the boat we set up camp and wait until midnight, at midnight I cast few times to the canal with no luck and went to bed to rest for morning fishing. Saturday was good day I caught three nice pics and two or three pikes also I lost one muskie. Here are the pictures from that weekend of me and my Friend Kris who was fishing with me for the first weekend.

On Monday it was very slow so I with an other group decided to go 5am next day to avoid all that pike and muskie chasing walleye away from our lures. As you know I was out early on Tuesday and caught six walleyes by 7 am then IJ and Stinger arrived and you know how we did from their report, what you don't know is that by 7pm I was back on water and finish the day with two nice pikes caught in my summer spot that I never fish during the spring. While I was fishing close by I have seen something moving in foam in my Summer spot so I throw a minnow and one after an other i pull two pikes from that hole. On Wednesday my friend Roman arrived to fish with me until weekend. We run to town to resupply and went for evening bite that was slow and unproductive. Thursday was very slow but I manage two walleyes and Roman caught his first in live and OOS Muskie. He was terrified by it so here is the picture of him just as the fish was handled for torpedo release back in water to become my summer prey that I can't catch during the summer months.

Friday it was blast. The bite was hot, we hit the water at 4:30 am and by sunrise I had my limit and Roman had three walleyes. We went to camp for breakfast and rest. We went back around 1PM and get on fish right away. Muskies went bananas and we lost three and lend one that did not want to unhook himself, so again torpedo release for little bugger. I move away from this spot a little and now we start hooking to Bass. What the hell? We caught two small and one large mouth 3 to 4 lb. So we move again to the spot where we had that Muskies because I know there should be pike not muskie and sure this time we hook to two pikes. We went back to camp to rest for evening bite and of course I drop my camera after taking the pictures ( it's time for digital now) the only picture from that day that survived is me with four keepers that I caught in the morning, here it is
Evening was much slower and I caught only one pike. We call a day early to get ready for morning bite on Saturday. So Here we go all pump
up with expectation of big catch at 4:30am Saturday and to our surprise the bite is slow I caught two small eyes and my bud nil. We try and try until noon and at that time decided to go back home to Toronto. So back at camp, fast lunch and packing and by 7pm we are home just in time for diner. I left with good memory of a week of fishing with dear Friends of my and a week away from work. Of course I can't rest at home so I start working on Sunday Mad


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